Forgive and Forget

I know that this isn’t the most popular practice. But it’s one that should become popular. Forgiveness isn’t for the other person it’s for you, your happiness, and peace of mind. It’s easy for us to hold onto the things that people have done wrong to us. But that only creates negative energy and tension within ourselves. You ever notice how relieved you feel once you’ve forgiven someone? You can almost feel the negative energy and tension release. So we owe it to our selves to let things go and move on. Now the forgetting part, which is probably the hardest of the two. Well at least it is for me. I don’t necessarily forget but I don’t hold anything against anyone either. Which means I’m not thinking of all the bad things and the past when I approach them. This comes with true forgiveness. If everything that a person has done to you comes to mind when you see them you’re probably not over it. We have to learn to let go of things and move on. Letting an unfavorable situation hold you back from moving forward will only hold you back from your blessings and true happiness. Isn’t that what truly matters in life?

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