Cam’ron ft. Nicki Minaj “So Bad” Low-budget Video

Everyone knows I hate a low-budget music video, so where do I start… Maybe I should start with the “So Bad” green screen quality or maybe the “So Bad” confusion between whether the video is set in New York or LA. Either way to me the video is trash. I guess that’s why they named it “So Bad”. I’m actually surprised that Nicki Minaj even accepted this feature or let this video be released for that matter. In the song they both confess their love for one another and they’re both from New York. So I guess I can understand why she would sacrifice her artistic integrity to help a close friend. It’s kind of Nobel actually. Now about the confusion of the videos setting I understand the New York theme and homage to the city but that apartment has a LA style. I might be wrong as I have been before. Anyways big props go out to Cam’ron for trying to revamp his career but I think this video might have been a fail! Or maybe not because in the entertainment world any publicity is good publicity and we’re talking about this low-budget video so you never know.

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