T.I. Responds To Floyd Mayweather: “God Bless Him” (DETAILS)

I really feel like Floyd should act like a grown man and just apologize for this whole situation. But I understand that money, power, and pride can get in the way of your morals and values. I think that T.I.’s comment on the situation was very mature. We’ve had the opportunity to watch T.I. over come a lot of situations over the past few years. He has used them to become a better role model for the African American male community and it would be devastating to see him take any steps back. Floyd is to old, famous, and wealthy to be concerned about another man’s wife. Hopefully this is the last we’ll hear of this situation.

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Yesterday, press conference footage of Floyd Mayweather allegedly claiming that he had sex with Tiny surfaced, and it definitely raised some eyebrows.

Floyd and T.I. have had beef ever since their fight in Vegas a couple months ago, so of course everyone is wondering what the self-proclaimed “King of the South” would have to say about it after the video popped up online.

The undefeated boxer tried to do some damage control in regard to the scandal, quickly claiming that what he actually said was: “He thinks I was f*cking his bi*ch,” but that doesn’t seem to matter to T.I. He has very few words for Floyd, as he told TMZ:

“I hope he is enjoying himself. God bless him.”

As for Tiny, she told the same site that she has never had sexual relations with Floyd, and that she thinks he spoke like that at the press conference to…

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