The Dangers of Pride

Rage can take over in the heat of the moment your screaming and yelling and now you’ve said something that you regret. Everyone’s feelings are hurt and now your friendships on the rocks. You immediately think how can I fix this. Well it’s just as simple as it was when you were 5 say I’m sorry. But I guess that’s easier said than done.funny-inspirational-jokes-quotes Having to much pride and self-esteem can be a dangerous thing. It can hold you back from something as simple as saying I’m sorry. Sometimes we get so infatuated with not being wrong that we’re willing to walk away from something great. Pride has a way of manifesting itself. The longer you go without rectifying the situation the worst of it gets. It starts to become hard to even imagine apologizing. You start to feel awkward around the person and eventually you can’t even stand the site of them. You can’t let your pride control you and lead you down a destructive path. Take control of your pride, be an adult, and right your wrongs. Learn to take the initiative to make things right. It takes maturity to be the first to apologize. You’ll be surprised how open the other person is to working things out and moving on.

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