The Importance of Being Yourself

stand-outGod made us all as individuals with different personalities, traits, and gifts. It is extremely important for us to embrace who we are and what makes us different. I feel like a lot of times we are afraid to embrace our differences out of fear of how we will be perceived by our peers and society. This is a normal stage in life but one that has to be over come. Being an individual is what makes you who you are. It’s what separates you from everyone else. So it’s difficult to watch someone be anything less than who they are. These days you see a lot of people putting on facades of who they are. Doing this to be accepted by their peers and throwing their values to the side to be liked.Be Yourself In this lifetime you have to be aware of yourself. You have to have the courage to step up on your own behalf and be true to yourself. You can never be the person next to you. But why would you want to when god made you perfect.The saddest thing you can do is live a life trying to please and make everyone else happy. The person that you need to make happy is you. At the end of the day the only person that has to look in the mirror and see your face is you. I would hope you’d want to be happy with the reflection you see of yourself, and not the reflection of someone else. “The privilege of a lifetime is being yourself” -Josephn Campbell images

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