Lil H Qoutate – Texaco #NEWJOINT #NEWARTIST @HQoutate

This up and coming rapper hails from my hometown so it’s only right that he’s the first to make my new playlist #UpAndComing . H Qoutate’s new song Texaco has the beat and the bars to grab your attention. I don’t know whether it’s just me but I’m really feeling this track and will be downloading it for my sessions. The track highlights the rapper’s raw talent and hunger for the game. I must be honest this is the best sounding track I’ve heard come out of Orangeburg. I’ve watch Qoutate (through social media) persistently work hard at perfecting his craft over the years, and he finally found a sound that is unique and marketable for himself. He is the only local rapper I see out here grinding and actually making quality music. Y’all go support and show love to his music!

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