Beyonce – Flawless (Remix) ft. Nicki Minaj *NewJoint* @NickiMinaj

This track is going to be females anthem for a couple months just be prepared. You’re going to see just about every line in this song quoted on social media. I think everyones thought about what if the two baddest artist get on a track together, well wait no more. Nicki Minaj spitting on b*tches on this track dubbing herself the “Queen of Rap”. Y’all just got to give this woman her credit she bossed and bared up. A lot of guys won’t show a female rapper respect but you have to show respect where it’s deserved.

On the flawless track Beyonce exercises her rap skills. She goes on to address the elevator altercation between husband Jay Z and Solange (sister). The artwork for this song gives direct insight on what the songs about. The selfies on the cover let me know that the song was filled with flexing to replicate what selfies are used for on social media. This song is in a way a direct reflection of the majority of our generations perspective and ideals in life. Everyone is so interested in “flexing” they get trapped in this lifestyle of trying to impress the next person. But I’m off subject! I just got to say Nicki is doing her thing despite what the haters got to say. I commend her for her grind and her come up cause like she said “N*ggas love them b*tches that be on her grizzy”. I must agree ain’t nothing better than a woman on her shit. Plus you always got to respect a person for there grind and work ethic. Both Beyonce and Nicki Minaj have been putting in alot of work lately plus the songs pretty solid. Hear the track for yourself at

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