BE FREE! J. Cole Visits Michael Brown’s Memorial & Hits The Streets Of Ferguson (PHOTOS)

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The world is watching.

North Carolina rapper J. Cole released a Michael Brown tribute song on Thursday titled “Be Free,” but his protests didn’t stop there. The Born Sinner rapper actually headed to the small St. Louis suburb to visit the memorial where an unarmed Michael Brown was shot six times by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson.

j. cole

Since the shooting on August 9, the town of Ferguson has been protesting for over a week and a half. Just last night, Missouri’s governor ordered the National Guard to oversee the demonstrations, which have been turning violent.

photo (7)

Not only have the Ferguson police been tear-gassing protestors, but they’ve also been violating journalists’ First Amendment rights by arresting at least a half-dozen reporters who’ve been assigned to cover the case.

To ease tensions between protestors and police, the Governor appointment St. Louis highway patrol captain Ron Johnson to work closely with the protestors. Despite…

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