Burger King Mac n Cheese stuffed Cheetos 

Americas favorite burger joint (not mine) responsible for the “Black Whopper” and “Grilled Hot dogs” Burger King has partnered with Cheetos, and have come up with a very interesting snack, “Mac N Cheetos”!! 🤔 Idk how to feel about this one!! At first glance it looks like it’s worth trying. In actuality it’s just Mac n cheese breaded with with Cheetos crumbs… When I first heard about the new menu item, all I could think of was those memes of Flaming hot Cheetos covered in nacho cheese saucecheetos (which I tried 😊)! And if it’s anything like that I’m expecting it to be delicious 😭.. Burger King and Cheetos have been working on this new product for over a year and have kept it very silent…🤐 It’s only a promotional item for the summer and will only last while supplies last!! So go check it out and if you already have share you’re experiene!!


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